norc is an experience. Making dreamy music of questionable genre, we hope to tell stories and rattle your most supressed emotions. norc is here to bring people together through music and prove we are all truly connected.

We write music through rose-tinted glasses, with tones that remind you of the gentle flowing of an ice cold river, or that make you feel as though you’re running your fingers through hot sand at the beach. Other times norc ups the ante, getting heavy and pushing you into a corner to reflect on inner darkness.

norc can be loosely classified as an Experimental Rock band, with influences in post rock, psychedelic rock and math rock. 

At the end of the day, we're just a group of hopeless romantics showing you the depth of our souls through sound waves.

Hear our debut EP here!

Ryan Holland


Christiana Armstrong


Alan Godin


Jack Murtha


norc ep cover with ginseng and honey arizona